Diary update

Sunday August 31st

Decided to go back to the recently discovered Redbournbury Mill (originally a water driven flour mill- now producing a range of stone ground organic flours from locally grown grains !run by a team of volunteers!)
Part of this Mill dates (hidden actually), from 16th Century, but made the mistake first of walking the dog(, with sketching material in car ), by the edge of my favourite wheatfield.
I have repeatedly walked here all Spring & Summer, and seen the crop growing , but suddenly its become stubble, blunt cut, soil and flint exposed, final visual conclusion to season passing……………..so Mr. Darcy on the lead, held by my foot?


Then onto the horse field below Little Gaddesden Place (my local stone Cotwoldesque building on the brow of the hill, above Water End.)
Well, Im feeling adventurous; animals are always good to sharpen up my skills in drawing, and a stately house !
Instantly I set up , these 2 horses were so nosy, one continually nosed me and was looking at my sketch.
The fly mask looked very medieval, the other horse had a growth v near his eye.
I tried to capture the energy of those two animals, both magnificent yet constanly moving, and aware of my stationery energy !!!


Well, I didnt quite make it back to The Mill today after all., I just stayed put near these 2 horses; I watched as sunny cerulean sky gave way to grey clouds and a sharp autumn wind.
The owner of one of the horses suddenly pulled up in a car…………………………………..wanting to see my sketch.
My palette now has to include the sepias and red madder that heralds Autumn. Hooray the warm tones are back !!
I am still wanting to include cold shadows; that is a mix of my neutral, magenta and ultramarine, a sign Summer has not completely finished here yet !

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