Diary update

Tuesday August 26th

Drove today (in the pouring rain) to a supplier, just outside London – just a quick run, a delivery errand actually for my husband.
On the way back through winding country roads, alongside some new houses, I saw a lovely visual (always looking for inspiration for my paintings on my travels – unfortunately I didn’t have a camera or my sketching stuff.
Actually the real truth is my camera is O of A; broken actually, so no chance of recording it.
I decided it was a visual feast for my sketchbook; either an early ice house, or weathered round house for something;
it had scaffolding around it – will definitely be back.!!!
Mr.D  loved the plump swirling fish just beneath water surface.


Temporary sketch, as I have to go back.
It actually reminded me of the round house in the garden of Le manoir; weathered brick, and aging patina, that kind of texture that  loves a watercolour sketch!

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