October 2nd

The sketch of Mr.Darcy,on the last entry, is not a particularly strong one, I do apologise; but you have to take into account I felt somewhat guilty, about sketching and studying, this poor vulnerable rabbit, hanging upside down, inside of my dogs mouth !but never the less, it is also an opportunity to see at close hand a beautiful creature.


Over a Hundred Mulberrys on our trees.

Well today, I have decided is most definitely the day, to lye on my back in the lower garden, and try to capture the ruby like appearance, of the fruit that grace my black mulberry trees.

The late low sun is cascading through the canopy of lime leaves, that are miraculously heart shaped.

After 14 years of growing these beautiful trees, I have now learned, in order to collect the fruits, it is best to place a white cotton sheet, underneath the trees, so one can easily spot the ruby gems, before the birds.!

The rich garnet stain of the pulp, has to be a mix of my purple magenta, deep crimson, ultramarine and neutral tint, and definitely not black…………never black .It compliments beautifully with the lime green leaf layers.DSCN0189

The mulberry fruits have been described as the king of all fruits…………………………………DSCN0204


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