2nd October

DSCN0479 DSCN0230

I was walking along my favourite road, I call it the 10 star road, it has everything you need for a Frustrated Watercolourist; woods walk for dog, some bluebell woods, deer hiding in the trees, great views of very posh character houses, and a good pub for a drink, and good food.

So I decided, before my holiday to Sth of France,( coming up in days, hooray) I really must attempt to draw the Jacobs in the field opposite. Now all Summer, I had been promising my sketch pad and paintbox they wd be involved in this……………………………………so I sat down, sketch going quite well…………then all of a sudden I hear the faint swoosh of a burning flame torch, I looked up, it was a beautiful hot air balloon, almost hovering above my sketchpad!

This sketch is the result; executed in about 9 secs I think for the balloon !

DSCN0517 DSCN0503

I think it took about 5 mins, and several attempts to try to capture the elderly Jacobs; what was harder to paint ? the sheep by far……….

Just a word about the top rgt hand sketch; it was a pre Provence sketch, something I had in my mind, that had reminded me of French houses, where I was going.

Mr. Darcy is on the RHS!

Also coming up, I will be taking my newly discovered Hand made watercolour paints, by Pip Seamour. So I will be reporting back on those.(I found them by accident at Art in Action !)


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